Expertise & Projects

Social Protection and Health Financing

Promoting Universal health coverage is what drives our projects in the area of Social Protection and Health financing. Our portfolio encompasses the improvement of public financial management at national, district and local level. We have a track record in the promotion of good governance and in linking health sector strategic plans to national accounting mechanisms.

We can help to:

  • conceptualise and strengthen mechanisms alleviating and mitigating the risks of falling into poverty due to ill health, disability, old age and exclusion. Our expertise includes conditional cash transfers and provisions for ageing populations.
  • design, scale-up and link social, private and micro insurance mechanisms. Our experience comprises the definition of benefit packages and the design of models for risk equalization.
  • set the right incentives within an efficient and coherent purchasing framework and combine expert knowledge and skills in issues as diverse as pay for performance, hospital financing (including DRGs) and pharmaceutical pricing.
  • conduct economic evaluations and analyse the benefit incidence of health care programmes. We also address the question of how health systems can best incorporate innovations — from e-health to telemedicine.