UNFPA Tanzania Cost Benefit Analysis

Location: Tanzania  |  Funded by: UNFPA

Key Objectives:

  • The aim was to provide evidence for the return of investment for companies who invest in voluntary family planning services for their employ Moreover, the study aimed to inform broader public policy-making.
  • Produce a short-term case study of 3-5 representative Tanzanian companies and calculate potential benefits and costs of investments in family planning to employees as well as an estimated return of investment
  • Estimate broader economic impacts of such interventions
  • Advise on best practices (citing examples from elsewhere it has worked) that could be used as a model for FP implementation in companies in Tanzania
  • Provide recommendations on how to implement family planning programs in the private sector and how to study the long-term impact.

Project description: Evaplan provided technical services to UNFPA to conduct a cost-benefit analysis of Family Planning services offered at micro-levels to employees at a few representative Tanzanian companies.