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Our History

evaplan emerged from and is still closely associated with the Heidelberg Institute of Global Health of the University Hospital Heidelberg (HIGH), but also collaborates with other institutes and departments of the University of Heidelberg. It incorporates more than 30 years of professional working experience from around the world.

evaplan works in close cooperation with HIGH with its wide-ranging experience in international scientific collaboration and longstanding multiple academic partnerships. Most of evaplan team and experts are part of the extensive network of students, staff, and alumni of HIGH and the University of Heidelberg. These organisations aim to produce scientific knowledge to be used by policymakers and key stakeholders in the elaboration of public health strategies that address major public health issues.

evaplan’s professional staff has a broad range of backgrounds covering public health, epidemiology, clinical medicine, health economics, social sciences and medical anthropology. All experts have first-hand experience of working in low-resource contexts. The evaplan team is multicultural and multilingual. Senior staff is also active in teaching in various public health training programmes at the University of Heidelberg as well as in the supervision of masters and doctoral students.

evaplan’s portfolio is largely based upon bi- and multilateral development cooperation, but also includes assignments within the EU member states in the area of public health. evaplan has a large partner network such as universities, non-governmental organisations and other consulting firms, spanning both the northern and southern hemispheres. Furthermore, it is able to draw upon the large international network of academics, policy makers and alumni in association with the Heidelberg Institute of Global Health at the University Hospital Heidelberg.

In 2011 evaplan established a joint venture with the aQua Institute – Göttingen (Institute for Applied Quality Improvement and Research in Health Care), one of the key institutes for quality of care in Germany.

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