Social protection eLearning courses

Location: Online  |  Funded by: Multiple partners 

Project description: A number of courses on Social Protection have been developed by evaplan in cooperation with AOK Consult, Maastricht Graduate School of Governance and the Institute of Global Health. These online and face-to-face courses can be taken separately or as a package with the aim of receiving an accredited certificate in Social Protection. Closed group trainings can be organized upon request.

The participants will be able to make a substantial contribution to the elaboration, implementation and necessary reforms to achieve and maintain viable, sustainably funded, efficient, effective and equitable social protection systems that meet current and future socio-economic and gender-specific challenges. The objectives of the program address three different levels: the individual level, the institutional and multi – institutional level (systems). The program has the following specific objectives:

  • Promotion of individual and professional competencies, including research skills in social protection;
  • Development of practical problem-solving skills in the area of social protection;
  • Development of trans-disciplinary dialogue competence and networking among program alumni and with specialized national and international institutions;
  • Promotion of student leadership and innovation competencies within their own institutions and social protection systems.

This program includes a package of selected eLearning courses and 5 face-to-face courses. The students have full flexibility to complete the online courses in the convenient for them time and alongside their job duties. Only 5 weeks’ presence time for the face-to-face courses in Germany is required. The courses are:

  • Introduction to Social Protection: a systems approach to universal social protection
  • The Visible Hand- The many Facets of Social Health Protection Financing
  • Pension Systems for an Aging Population
  • Business Administration in Social Protection
  • Controlling in Pension systems
  • Controlling in Health Insurance
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of Social Protection Systems.

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