Expertise & Projects

Quality Improvement and Patient Safety

We view quality improvement as a systemic task, which must always be a multi-stakeholder endeavor. It comprises internal quality improvement, including self-assessment and external assessment (e.g., quality audits and accreditation), as well as additional elements such as supervision and coaching. External performance assessment is an essential element of a well-functioning health care system, and internal performance assessment is the best starting point for targeted, effective, and efficient quality improvement measures.

evaplan seeks to bring state-of-the-art developments in the area of quality of care improvement to low- and middle-income countries. To this end, we not only constantly engage in a professional exchange with bi- and multilateral donors but also foster the transfer of knowledge among Southern countries, helping in translating evidence into policy making and practice.

evaplan has extensive experience in supporting quality improvement policy development and implementation at all levels of the health system, as well as accompanying research.

Our established partners in the area of Quality Improvement and Patient Safety are the aQua Institute for Healthcare Improvement in Göttingen, Germany, with whom we develop digital tools to assess and monitor all dimensions of quality of care; and ISQua – the International Society for Quality of Care.