Online Course Patient Safety

Location: Online  |  Funded by: GIZ / self- funded 

Key Objective: To develop a comprehensive self-directed online course on patient safety in healthcare that is tailored to multidisciplinary clinical teams with a focus on developing countries.

Project description: The course was conceptualized in three main modules: (i) Systems Perspectives of Patient Safety; (ii) Patient Safety Risks and Risk Management; (iii) Patient Safety Measures Implementation. The first two modules give an introduction and essential theoretical knowledge into the QI concepts and specifically on patient safety, while the third module provides to the students the opportunity to explore different stations in a virtual hospital and learn about the potential risks and possible tools to avoid these risks. The course uses a mixture of provision of content in lecture modus, case studies on a practical implication of the concepts, self-test questions, and reading materials. Electronic forums for organizational questions and technical questions give at any time the opportunity for direct contact to the main tutor of the course and technical experts.

One piloting of the course was executed with the evaluation of the content and logistical organisation of the course.