Online Seminar Recording – Quality Improvement

Achieving success through Quality: setting the right vision and a system approach

Dr Peter Campbell

October 15, 2020 | 2 PM CEST

Watch the Seminar recording here

William Edwards Deming, the “Father of Quality Management”, recognized for the transformation of Japanese industry, proposed 14 basic principles for improvement of organisations. This seminar will address the first of these: How to develop a purpose, a vision for the organisation that will set it on the right path to success. While most health organisations have a vision, their focus may be on aspects that will not set them up to maximise their achievement over the long-term.

In this seminar we will discuss: What are the issues?  What are the pitfalls? And how do these link to establishing an effective system for the organisation?

In preparation, you are invited to watch Dr Campbell’s presentation for the 4th International QI Forum on Digitalisation and Quality Improvement that took place in June 2020:  Using Modern Technology to Improve Health Systems: What Can History Teach Us?

Dr Peter Campbell is one of the tutors for the 6-months long online course Quality Improvement — A Key for Health Systems Strengthening (7.5 ECTS) that starts on November 1, 2020.

He has 25-years’ experience as an international Public Health specialist. He is educated as a Family Physician, has a Masters in International Health and a certificate in Post-Graduate Medical Education. Academically, for the past 10-years he has worked for the University of Heidelberg and for the Charité, Berlin as Course-Coordinator/ Lecturer/ Thesis Supervisor/ Examiner on Masters courses including Quality Management, Health Economics/ Health Financing, and Consultancy Skills. He has worked on projects in Central Asia (Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan), the Balkans (Albania, Kosovo, Bosnia-Herzegovina), Asia (Bangladesh, Indonesia) and Africa (Ethiopia, Malawi). He has been employed by numerous organisations including the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, USAID, GIZ, KfW Bank, SDC and WHO. He is currently intermittent Team Leader for a German government-funded program (through GIZ) improving the quality of health services in Tajikistan. He is a native English-speaker, has published a number of articles in peer-reviewed journals and is becoming known as a public speaker on the fundamentals of Quality Management (e.g. Edinburgh Fringe, Sheffield Festival of Debate, TEDx).