Course for the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control

This week the group of facilitators from evaplan at the University Hospital Heidelberg, Heidelberg Institute of Global Health, Heidelberg University and European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control ( ECDC ), an agency of the European Union, conducted 4 days course on “Methods and tools for public health evidence synthesis/systematic reviews and evidence-based advice with a focus on infectious disease epidemiology, prevention and control”.  The course aims to enable and encourage exchange of good practices for evidence synthesis and development of evidence-based scientific advice and recommendations in public health with a focus on infectious disease epidemiology, prevention, and control between ECDC staff, public health professionals in the Member States and international evidence synthesis providers and methodologists.

In our vision this course empowers the critical thinking and usage of contemporary practical concepts and tools for translation of best available evidence for policy advice and decision making in Public Health. It offers to the participants in the EU – Region superb professional Network platform for exchange of experiences. You can follow more recent published information in the field of evidence-based Public Health here.