University Twinning Partnership – Mother- and Child-, and Emergency Care II-IV

Location: Tajikistan  |  Funded by: KfW

Key objectives:

  • Establish a Twinning partnership between Universities The assignment included several approaches, based on the needs assessment and specific objectives during different phases of the program towards local capacity development and sustainability of the interventions.
  • Create clinical trainings: the programme is composed of three phases, which build upon each other and follow complementary objectives. (i) Initialization phase (around 6 months), (ii) Implementation of SOP trainings in close collaboration with the Ministry of Health (2,5 years) and (iii) Consolidation phase (around 2,5-3 years).
  • The team works towards the establishment of a long-term cooperation of the Technical partner in Germany with the selected hospitals in Tajikistan.

Project description: Tajik delegation of paediatricians and nurses visited St. Georg-Klinikum within the framework of the University twinning partnership between Tajikistan and Germany. The purpose of this programme was to improve the access to quality health services and to increase the efficiency and quality concerning medical care with a focus on the improvement of Mother and Child- and Emergency Care in 11 selected programme hospitals in the Khatlon Oblast.