Tutored 6 months long online course “Quality Improvement – A Key for Health Systems Strengthening”

Location: Online  |  Funded by: evaplan 

Key objectives:  This 6-months course aims at strengthening the capacity of professionals responsible for managing quality in health care settings at all levels in the health system.

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Critically analyse the importance of QI in health systems
  • Analyse strengths and weaknesses of different regulatory and other mechanisms that influence QI in the health system
  • Use systems-thinking in QI activities at all levels of a healthcare system
  • Propose appropriate methods for monitoring and evaluating quality within a specific context
  • Formulate patient safety, patient-centred care and family/community engagement in QI initiatives within health systems
  • Demonstrate how appropriate human resource interventions contribute towards QI
  • Interpret how financial mechanisms impact the quality of services and the decision-making of patients and providers
  • Develop a QI initiative in a current health setting

Project description: This is a tutored online course on Improving quality and patient safety in health systems around the world has been central to the work of our experts at the Heidelberg Institute of Global Health and evaplan. We designed our online courses to share the knowledge we gathered in the field with professionals and students who want to build their capacities. Our fast-track course in quality improvement is available in French in addition to English.