Scoping review on indicators for mental health surveillance of children and adolescents in OECD countries

Location: Germany  |  Funded by: Robert Koch Institute (RKI)

Key objectives:

  • To critically review and summarize all available publications considering: scientific literature; and grey literature as, for example, reporting of health insurance companies, national health statistics, national and international health monitoring systems.
  • Evaplan used the PRISMA Guidelines, elaborated the research protocol, and adapted the methodology for scoping reviews using evidence from peer-reviewed publications (qualitative and quantitative studies) and grey literature to produce an analysis of the information, write the report for RKI, and write the manuscript for publication.

Project description: The aim of this assignment is to gain a broad and complete overview of current public mental health indicators for children and adolescents based on the national (German) and international literature, with a focus on the OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) countries.