Review of the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies

Location: Europe  |  Funded by: WHO Europe

Overall objectives:

  • To collate information on past activities to help inform an assessment of impact and to advise on how data from routine Steering Committee monitoring can be best used to demonstrate appropriate performance
  • To understand how the combination of activities and the cumulative and complex interactions between them have contributed to the intended impact of the Observatory, to inform and strengthen future evidence for policy work.

Key activities:

  • Mapped and collated the main information on the observatory activities, outputs, outcomes, and expected impacts, considering the current Theory of Change
  • Identified a set of indicators and elaboration of templates for ongoing monitoring of activities and outputs of the Observatory
  • Selected and deeply investigated case studies, considering their challenges, and success in obtaining the expected impact (entry points and pathways used, factors of success, obstacles, lessons learned), using a mix-method approach (interviews, document reviews, online surveys, website monitoring)
  • Updated the Observatory`s “Theory of Change” and the set of indicators
  • Produced the final report and did a workshop with representatives of the Observatory to discuss findings

Project description: The Observatory sought to assess its impact over 2019-23, and how the expectations of partners and stakeholders are being met. These should provide elements to review its Theory of Change to strengthen its impact on its new partnership renewal cycle. Contracted by WHO Europe, evaplan GmbH in cooperation with the Heidelberg Institute of Global Health (HIGH) execute the project between Oct 2022 to July 2023.