Post-Ebola Health System Strengthening and Epidemic Prevention – strengthening health systems research capacity (2018-2020)

Location: Liberia  |  Funded by: GIZ  

Key objectives:

  • To support individual faculty members to build and improve their research skills internally
  • To support the organization to improve the level of scholarship overall, become more research-oriented and be able to fund, manage, and sustain research in future
  • To externally, support the institution – university and faculty members – to become more involved in policy making so that it can contribute to the development of health policy and system strengthening in southeast Liberia

To start the capacity development processes, evaplan conducted a capacity needs assessment to gain a detailed knowledge of the current research capacity, needs, and priorities of faculty and staff at Tubman University, with a particular focus on the College of Health Sciences.

Project description: This project is a technical corporation between Tubman University of Liberia and evaplan. The project aims to strengthen the capacity of Tubman University, Liberia, in health systems research and develop its role as part of the network for health systems research in Liberia.