DPP Measure COVID-19 Response: reliable digital self-assessment to guide patients to appropriate health services

Location: Kenya  |  Funded by: GIZ

Key objectives:

  • Preparation of the clinical/epidemiological questions related the COVID-19 disease in Kenya considering local frameworks and clinical guidelines
  • Integration and development of the front-end software adapted to the Kenyan context
  • Pre-testing and adaptation of the software for the Kenyan use
  • Dissemination of the “Afya-Guide” tool (Afya=health in Swahili) in health facilities
  • Applied research activities

Project description: We are implementing a symptom based Covid-19 self assessment tool for patients in Kenya in conjunction with aQua Institute, in4 medicine/Switzerland IntelliSOFT/Nairobi and the University of Nairobi. A web application COVID-Guide (developed by in4medicine AG) is available free of charge since 09.04.2020 at here in English, German, French, Italian. The results of the COVID-Guide help patients to get a first impression of their current state of health and subsequently enable them to make informed use of the resources of the health care system (if necessary). The project is adapting the referred Covid-guide to the requirement in Kenya. In the mid run we are striving to extent and scale up medical applications so that everyday complaints can be assessed beyond COVID with the aim of providing patients with a medically sound app for self-assessment.