Backup Health

Location: Malawi, Cameroon, Nigeria, Kyrgyzstan  |  Funded by: GIZ/BMZ 

Key objectives:

  • A desk study of available documentation in each of the focus countries (e.g. GF grant, essential package of services, national and district strategies, assessments of previous BACKUP Health
  • The analysis aimed at informing best practices, challenges and g aps, while considering issues of equity, quality and efficiency. Special consideration was given to the needs of vulnerable and key groups. The analysis results were needed to identify possible areas for BACKUP to support the strengthening of integrated health service delivery at the facility level and/or integrated management at the district level. Ultimately BACKUP aimed to contribute to global health financing (e.g. GF, Gavi, GFF) being better integrated into national health services and to improve equitable access to quality, integrated basic health care for HIV, TB and malaria, especially for vulnerable and key groups.

Project description: The consortium Health Focus/ evaplan was been awarded a service contract from BACKUP Health to undertake an exploratory analysis to identify and evaluate existing practices of integrated basic health services and management for HIV, TB and malaria in each of BACKUP’s four focus countries (Cameroon, Kyrgyzstan, Malawi and Nigeria).

BACKUP works on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and supports the capacity of state and non-state actors in selected partner countries to leverage the funding from the Global Fund and other global financing mechanisms, such as the Vaccine Alliance (Gavi) and the Global Financing Facility (GFF), to strengthen their health systems and provide integrated preventive and curative health services in a way that meets patients’ comprehensive and complex health needs.