Digitalization & Quality Improvement: challenges for better health outcomes

Digital solutions in the health sector are infamously inconsistent, they do not share common approaches, terminologies, or objectives. Digital solutions are complex and need to be critically discussed from the perspectives of different stakeholders and under technical, ethical, effectiveness and efficiency aspects.

Key question: do digital solutions and Artificial Intelligence (AI) improve quality of care and Patient Safety? Aim of the forum: better understanding of opportunities, limitations and risks of digitalisation for quality improvement in health care.

Audience: a diverse international audience of health professionals, service providers, students, patients and public health delegates from health facilities, universities, ministries, health insurance companies and development agencies.

Speakers: Michael Marx • Sylvia Sax • Irmgard Marx • Peter Campbell • Wolfgang Kersten• Freimut Schliess • Anna E. Schmaus-Klughammer•  Steven Uggowitzer• Steven Wanyee • Joachim Szecsenyi • Ronen Rozenblum• Peter Lachman • Juan Limo • Ilona Köster-Steinebach • Giovanni Rubeis • Akarsh Venkatasubramanian • Pratap Kumar • Björn Broge • Raban Heller • Tobias Herrmann • Aisha O. Mohamed • Steve Ollis • Nana Afriye Mensah-Abrampah • António Lindo da Cunha • João Quintas

The Forum was organized by evaplan Ltd at the University Hospital Heidelberg, the International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua) , the aQua Institute for Applied Quality Improvement – Göttingen and the Heidelberg Institute of Global Health (HIGH) of Heidelberg University online on June 11-12 2020