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Here are records of events, activities and news related to SCORCH project implementation as well as those related to Health and Heat news items.

New Publication

Deliverable 4.1 Design for a Risk Communication Campaign:  Communication Campaign

Deliverable 3.1 Results of Population Survey: Population Survey Results

Deliverable 2.4 Critical Analysis of Heat Plans and Interviews: Critical Analysis of Heat Plans and Interviews

Deliverable 2.3 Key Informant Interviews: Key Informant Interviews

Deliverable 2.2 Literature Review: Literature Review

Deliverable 2.1 Compilation of EU national Heat Plans: Heat Plan Compilation


Articles in the media

Healthline – Here’s How Quickly Extreme Heat Can Affect Your Health

World Health Organization – Health advice: how to keep cool in the heat

CBC – What happens to your body when heat waves kill

Climate Centre The Lancet: Extreme heat damaging health and livelihoods and threatening to overwhelm hospitals worldwide